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Taylors Internal Mooting Competition 2021

On 23rd January 2021, the Board of Directors of Taylor’s Mooting Society (comprising of Charmiane Foo, Nimesha Theva, Adrian Chioh, Ong Eng Hong, New Jo-Kyle, LeAnn Yap & Yoong Earn) organised the Taylor’s Internal Mooting Competition for its second year. With 14 teams comprising mostly young mooters, the competition took place virtually, with participants showcasing their advocacy skills to judges over Zoom. The moot problem covered two areas of tort law; defamation and vicarious liability. The Finals and Closing Ceremony were live-streamed on YouTube (where spectators enjoyed a lively debate in the comments section) and have now garnered over 500 views.

The award recipients of Taylor’s Internal Mooting Competition are as follows:

Champions: Ng Ying Chia and Liew Lok Yee

1st Runner-ups: Naomi Khoo and Tan Ying Ee

2nd Runner-ups: Joey Tan and Keanu Tan.

Top 5 Best Speakers: Ng Ying Chia, Keanu Tan, Joel Tan, Yarshsweni Ravanthiran & Joey Tan.

Lexicon congratulates all the participants, award winners and the organising committee for a job well done! To reaching greater heights, and making the best of our circumstances! Photos of the event, courtesy of Taylor’s Mooting Society have been uploaded to the gallery and can be viewed below.

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