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Taylor's Intervarsity Mooting Competition 2021

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

On the 13th and 14th of March 2021, Taylor's Mooting Society organised the 2nd Taylor’s Intervarsity Mooting Competition (TIVC). The purpose of this event was to provide an opportunity for Malaysian law students to experience mooting in a competitive setting with law students from other educational institutions in Malaysia. Taylor's Mooting Society also hope that this competition would serve as a bridge for law students to meet, interact and network with each other to foster camaraderie as fellow future members of the Malaysian legal fraternity.

It seems that those aims were reached, with over 30 teams from 8 different institutions across Malaysia participated; Taylor’s University, Advance Tertiary College, Brickfields Asia College, HELP University, International Islamic University, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin, and Universiti Utara Malaysia.

They also hosted a total of 51 lawyers for TIVC 2021, consisting of 49 practising lawyers from 37 different law firms and 2 judges from the Judiciary to act as judges for the General Rounds, Semi-Finals and Grand Final of TIVC 2021.

The notable panel of judges for the Grand Final Round was:

  1. Yang Arif Tuan Darryl Goon Siew Chye (Court of Appeal Judge);

  2. Yang Arif Tuan Ong Chee Kwan (Judicial Commissioner of the High Court of Malaya);

  3. Ms Raja Eileen Soraya (Senior Partner at Messrs. Raja, Darryl & Loh).

The lucrative prizes (which made a number of people regret not participating) are as follows:

  1. Champions of TIVC 2021 (RM 500 cash prize from Taylor’s Law School + 2 internship opportunities sponsored by Raja, Darryl & Loh).

  2. 1st Runner-ups of TIVC 2021 (RM 250 cash prize from Taylor’s Law School + 2 internship opportunities sponsored by Sreenevasan Young).

  3. Best Oralist of the General Rounds (RM 100 cash prize from Taylor’s Law School + 1 internship opportunity sponsored by Ernest Azad & Associates).

The results of the very tense, yet entertaining Grand Final (which can be watched on Youtube here: Taylor's Intervarsity Mooting Competition 2021 (TIVC) | Grand Final & Closing Ceremony), are as follows:

  1. Champions: Tan Ka Loong Keanu & Joey Tan Juan Xing (Taylor's University)

  2. 1st Runner-ups: Low Rui Thong & Poh Kah Man (Taylor's University)

  3. Best Oralist for the Grand Final: Joey Tan Juan Xing (Taylor's University)

The results of the Top 10 Best Oralists of the General Rounds are as follows:

1. Joey Tan Juan Xing (Taylor's University)

2. Aqlima binti Azizi (Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin)

3. Tan Ying Ee (Taylor's University)

3. Buvanesh A/P Ramesh (Universiti Malaya)

4. Amin Firdaus bin Azizan (Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin)

5. Tan Ka Loong Keanu (Taylor's University)

6. Isaac Banyi Anak Collin (Brickfields Asia College)

7. Ng Choon Kiat (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

8. Yong Hao Jet (Taylor's University)

9. Ng Wua Jzen (Brickfields Asia College)

9. Lee Gar Fe (Universiti Utara Malaysia)

10. Chong Ler Yi (Taylor's University)

10. Rafik Rayis (Taylor's University)

A big kudos to the Organising Committee of TIVC 2021 for a well-thought-out and brilliantly executed event! They did a phenomenal job from the very beginning, with an intriguing moot problem to the very end, with a memorable Grand Finals and Closing Ceremony. Lexicon would also like to convey our congratulations to all the award winners and participants of TIVC 2021! We wish you all the best in your mooting journey. Godspeed!

Pictures from the Competition can be viewed in the Gallery below.

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