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Shifting Perspectives (Part 1)

Updated: May 2, 2020

By Cynthia Silva and Megan Choong

The hall is dressed with vibrancy. Crisp and beautifully glistening flyers shine against the tenebrosity of the dividers, symbolic of the aspiring light which the organisations bring in to the stride against the melancholics of our reality. The crowd flowed down the wide avenue of LT1 in the very same way the Thames always meet its banks. Each person in the crowd paces towards the booths as if unseeing hands has unified them all, each of them with a goal in mind to achieve. Laughter sounds along the halls, joined with excited exchange. The chaos is perfect as it represents the symbolism of support from the students of Taylor’s University. The echo of our humanity, unifying efforts in support of Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre’s charitable thrive towards human rights.

“To promote to the plight of the marginalised,“ is the sole mission statement igniting the drive of students and volunteers on the 6th of November 2019. The Legal Aid Center delivers this day, a platform, where all optimistic associations may conjoin and stand forward as one bringing forth the light of motivation, inspiration, and compassion as they view the world through the lens of empathy in spite of the snares of our reality.

The Rojak Projek

‘Unity, amalgamation, confederation’. Three powerful words, which pave the stepping stone of the Rojak Projek. It began as an idea towards the end of 2014 when an enormous cynicism surfaced around Malaysia. The effect of web-based social networking, as spectators of life, is evident; the degree of abhorring which exists in the domain online is prevalent now than ever before. The idea gradually birthed as Rojak Projek met fellow companions who believed in the same calling to participate in this persistent crucial purpose. Companions, mutual friends, nourishment, a camera and a location began the launch of the association. The absolute first 'Rojak Party', held at the home of Faye Lim. Much to her dismay, this was the initial step of an adventure of a thousand miles as she soars above as the Founder towards this benevolent emerging domain. 

The beginnings of their endeavours propelled on New Years, 2016, as fellow co-founders Jon Cool and Rachel Lee unite, with kindred Malaysians to show new, innovative and positive forms of how our Malaysian diversity is genuinely wonderful. To advance the portrayal of the minorities of Malaysia, the Rojak Projek teamed up with RIUH to grandstand 10 brilliant artworks of the Orang Asli (Native individuals) at the #AnakAnakMalaysia Campaign in Eco Ardence, Setia Alam. These works of art were produced using soil and local plants of their tribe, exhibiting the way of life of the Orang Asli and the values they hold dear to their land. It prompted attention towards where the spotlight frequently fades. To bring forth a stage to preserve our cultural identity, signifying the bond between the East and the West of Malaysia, that we will always be one. Regardless of politics, the concept of solidarity in assorted variety is one which the Rojak Projek endeavours to stand on an alternate point. To them, the excellence being a multicultural Malaysia ought to never be diluted to shades of grey because our colours are where magnificence truly lies."

As Faye quotes, 

“Malaysia tak sama, kalau kita tak bersama.”

“Malaysia is never the the same if we are not together.”


The excellence of Malaysia lies not simply in villages of the oldest inhabitants of Peninsular Malaysia. We hold a multi-cultural diversity where many more ethnic gatherings resides. 

A shared denominator, a substance that binds us all which divert our misfortune of the day once we encompass the table to appreciate is food. Tables laden with delicacies line the walls. Aroma seeps deep into the souls of those around. Food is a common ground, a universal experience. 

In light of this philosophy, an association developed their voyage from here, and transpired into an endeavor in hopes to aid other ethnicities of our neighbouring countries who as well resides here in our beautiful Malaysia. 

Lim Yuet Kim was driven by the complex global society needs. She utilised what she has equipped in the past and transformed her great organisational skills and capabilities to form what is now known as the Picha Eats. A deeply humanitarian association, committed to fairness and peace to positions of service.

"Your meal rebuilds lives", exactly as its mission statement entails, the organisation comprises a second chance for refugees in Malaysia to rebuild their lives as you enjoy your meal prepared by them. As they put nourishment on your table, it gives a synchronous impact to you to do likewise for them.

PichaEats is named following a 3-year-old boy from Myanmar named Picha, who is the youngest son of the first refugee family who joined the social enterprise. Picha specialises in delicacies from the homeland of Iraqi Falafel, Palestinian Hummus to Afghani Dumplings & Syrian sweets – with everything made of authenticity & love. Picha brings forth vibrancy onto their platter by giving them a platform where their skills may be bridged and served to the commercial world. A better chance of survival. 

It branches opportunities for these refugees to truly maximise every ounce of fruition by ensuring their food is accessible to both markets of large corporations and individuals through either choice of a buffet or a mini meal box. This simple idea of refugee mothers being able to cook great food, and all of us eating daily has since contributed over RM1.5 million to these families. Their solutions centers around empowerment, sculpting an easier pathway towards sustainable employment opportunities. In this manner making positive monetary, social and mental support for refugees, shedding light on the challenges faced by them and its beautiful co-existence with Malaysia. Promoting the kaleidoscope of culture, cooperation and love, the road to a peaceful world is one we all need to embrace.

For more photos on the event, do visit our gallery or click here:

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