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To New Beginnings...

The saying “one single twig breaks easily but a bundle of twigs is strong” signifies the importance of uniting with like-minded people to make us powerful. On 23rd of May 2020, Taylor’s Law Society under Brie Quek Yi Shuen’s leadership ratified a Memorandum of Understanding with the Multimedia University Law Society (MULS) led by their president, Sherylin Choy Pei Zhen. The idea behind the memorandum is to cultivate close relationships between the two law societies by encouraging effective information sharing and support system. It would help to tackle the problems of segregation between law schools in Malaysia.

The memorandum was ratified online via Google Meet due to the unfortunate COVID-19 pandemic. The online proceeding was coupled with introductory presentations by all clubs within Taylor’s Law School, namely Taylor’s Law Society, Taylor’s Asian Law Students’ Society (ALSA), Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre, Taylor’s Mooting Society, Taylor’s CRELDA and Taylor’s Lexicon and each divisional department established under MULS. The representatives from both law schools took the opportunity to engage with each other to gauge potential collaborations in the future. Furthermore, numerous opinions and suggestions were exchanged to improve the efficiency of respective organisations in order to bring the best experience for law students in both schools. From the meeting itself, representatives from Taylor’s Law School and MULS have shown their enthusiasm and look forward to work on a collaborative relationship with each other.

Upon signing the Memorandum of Understanding, Brie Quek and Sherylin Choy opined that this would allow both parties to learn from each other’s strengths through constructive forums. Both are optimistic about the fostering of a beneficial connection between the law societies. As part of Taylor’s Law School, Taylor’s Lexicon would like to express its gratitude to both Taylor’s Law Society and MULS for taking this initiative. We are eager to see what we are capable of achieving alongside each other in the future. 

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