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Legal Aid Centre Fundraising Mart

On 16th May 2019, as part of the Street Law Programme, the Legal Aid Centre committee organized a fundraising mart on campus to raise funds for the smooth operation of the legal clinic. In conjunction with Teacher’s Day, the committees decided to prepare gifts for every law lecturer as a token of appreciation. The event involved 2 volunteers and 11 committees.

At 8 am, the logistics team had already reached the campus to set up the booth. Decorations had been done to make our booth seem more attractive. Later on, the rest of the committee brought along the merchandise which included home-baked brownies, cupcakes, cookies, lemon sodas, silver metal straws and colourful metal straws. These merchandise were sold at RM 4, RM 3, RM 2.50 , RM 3, RM 10 and RM 12 respectively. After everything had been set up in front of the Student Life Centre, the fundraising event started at 9 am sharp. The committee was relieved when they managed to attract students’ attention with the appealing merchandise.

As the committees, we were very delighted when we witnessed the event has received positive response from the Taylor’s community. Our merchandise sold at a fast rate and we managed to sell everything before noon. We also delivered gift bags to all the lecturers in law school. Every law lecturer was given brownies, cookies and metal straw set packaged in a fancy gift bag. This simple act of gratitude caught them by surprise and we were glad that we were able to put a smile on their faces. The event ended at 2 pm and the committee proceeded to clean up the venue.

Overall, we can conclude that the event was indeed a success. At the end of the day, we reached our goal and had gained profit. Throughout the event, we were able to acquire team building and event planning skills. Without the effort and time that the committee had put in, the event would not have been such a success. We would also like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to Ms Suzanna for her advice and guidance.

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