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Welcome, Semester 1 Students!

Hello Everyone!

In honour of our new coursemates embarking on their journey in Taylor's Law School, Lexicon has put together a short list of articles to help you get acquainted with TLS.

1. Taylor's Law School 101: An Introduction to Our Societies:

Feeling overwhelmed or unsure about which society to join? Lexicon gives you a full breakdown of all the societies within TLS and recommendations for which society might be best suited to you.

2. Expressing GratiTOOBE:

Learn all about our new Covid-19 induced mode of examinations, fondly (or not so fondly) coined TOOBE (Taylor’s Online Open Book Examination) from the perspective of a student.

3. Law Students: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly:

Read an entertaining piece that gives you lots to look forward to, and dread in your life as a law student!

4. Tales of Taylor's Law School:

Read some of the funniest events sent in by our students and lecturers!

Honourable Mentions

1. Justice or Safety: How Law Firms and Courts have adapted to COVID-19:

If you're curious about how Covid-19 has changed the landscape of Courts and Law Firms, this piece (with the help of a few lawyers we interviewed) tells you the ins and outs of the current system.

While you're there, check out the rest of our articles and familiarise yourself with Lexicon. We hope you enjoy our little welcoming gift to you!

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