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With exams rapidly approaching, and some of us still getting used to TOOBE, Lexicon gathered some reminders for you.

  • Gather your materials beforehand.

Having 6 hours to essentially complete 2 questions does not mean that you can take preparation for granted. Yes, it is a very long period of time (although during the actual exam, it does not feel that long) but you do not want to be messy and frenzied throughout, looking for resources and frantically googling information. Have a set of materials you will refer to on hand (your slides, your notes, a textbook) and stick to those materials. If you have extra time and would like to spice up your answer, then by all means refer to some extra materials. But for the most part, try to prepare your set materials beforehand.

Top Tip: Have a handy checklist next to you to ensure that everything that needs to be done, will be done.

  • Read the Instructions. Carefully.

Having online papers, an ample amount of time and a high degree of familiarity with technology (or so we hope), students are expected to avoid the simple errors listed below.

  1. Forgetting to rename your document as per the instructions given.

  2. Failing to comply with the requested formatting (font size and style).

  3. Forgetting to fill in your necessary details (the little boxes at the top of the answer template).

  4. Bolding (or italicizing or highlighting, based on your lecturer’s instruction) your authorities.

Top Tip: Try not to annoy your lecturers! They do hold our fates in their hands, after all, and they do have a LOT of exam papers to mark.

  • Contingency Plans.

Remember that for all its attributes, technology comes with its fair share of challenges. Don’t wait till the 11th hour to submit your paper. Don’t try downloading materials from high traffic sites at the last minute. Don’t forget to turn the autosave feature on! Take all the preventive measures that you can to ensure that you won’t end up in a pickle.

Top Tip: Prepare your exam templates (which should be available on times) prior to the exam. No need to faff about during exams!

  • Have a plan and stick to your plan.

Try to plan out your time in advance, in a manner that you are comfortable with. Make sure to give yourself short comfort breaks and brain-breaks (yes, that is the scientific term). Give yourself sufficient time to read through your answers and make minor corrections here and there before the final submission. Sometimes spending too much time on a question paralyses you and makes it difficult for you to write. Have faith in the work that you have done (this is based on the assumption that you have done some preparation) and don’t overthink everything!


Lexicon wishes all of you the best of luck! We hope that all of you had a happy, eventful semester with lots of growth! In any case, take pride in knowing that you made it through the semester (regardless of whether you emerged bruised and beaten). This journey is not an easy one, godspeed fellow friends!

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