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Taylor’s International Conference on Future of Law and Legal Practice 2021

On the 26th & 27th of October 2021, Taylor’s Law School successfully organised the International Conference on the Future of Law and Legal Practice (ICFLP). Due to the unprecedented encounter of the Coronavirus, the conference was held virtually this time around to accommodate the social-distancing regulations. With the title of ‘Law and Legal Practice in the Post Pandemic Era’, the conference seeks to provide insightful information on the legal field to interested students. It aims to enable aspiring young future lawyers to be prepared to navigate the changes and transitions of the field in the post pandemic era.

The opening ceremony was commenced with a warm greeting by Associate Professor Dr Harmahinder Singh Iqbal Singh, the Chairperson of ICFLP Organising Committee. It was then followed by a welcome address from Professor Michael John Driscoll (Vice-Chancellor & President of Taylor’s University), who extended his sincere gratitude to all the participating speakers as well as to the attendees. Additionally, Taylor’s Law School had the pleasure to invite the honourable Judge of the Federal Court of Malaysia, Yang Arif Justice Datuk Nallini Pathmanathan, to deliver his keynote speech enriched with his wisdom that aims to inspire the young minds.

The official launch of the international conference was marked as sharing sessions by speakers in different break-out rooms were commenced. Local & international guest speakers around the world were invited to present virtually from the comfort of their home. Ranging from Private Law, Medical Law, Public Law to Legal Education, topics with different themes were shared by enthusiastic speakers who possessed in-depth knowledge and proficiency in respective areas of law. At the end of every virtual presentation or sharing, audiences had the chance to engage with respective speakers in Q&A sessions which enhanced their experience of attending the international law conference.

Attached below are some conference pictures which were taken during the conference, which took place on Zoom.

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