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Legally Binge-Watching

With finals done and dusted, and some time to spare before the new semester begins, it’s time to sit back, relax and binge-watch some legal shows. From Suits to the famous series of How to Get Away with Murder, here are some legal shows that might spark your interest.

1. Suits

Source: SantaBanta

An American drama series which keeps you at the edge of your seat where a college dropout, Mike Ross works in a highly renowned firm in the Big Apple with big shot lawyers. With big cases rolling in and tension rising, can Mike Ross pull it off as a lawyer without having completed Law school?

2. Graceful Family

Source: Hype MY

A South Korean television series released in 2019, Lawyer Heo Yoon-do starts off with a rough meeting with the rightful heir of MC Group, Mo Seok-Hee who was sent to the States after the murder of her mother. However, when she returns to Korea, Seok-Hee faces great challenges in the presence of Ms. Han, a highly-skilled ex-judge and the second wife of her father. Seok-Hee decides to team-up with Yoon-do, whose mother was framed as the murderer of Seok-Hee’s mother. With action-packed scenes, they seek to discover the true murderer of her mother and to free the innocently convicted.

3. How to Get Away with Murder 

Source: to Film Daily

This is an American thriller series available on Netflix which has won many awards where a Law school professor and her students are involved in a murder case. With a total of 90 episodes filled with unexpected plot twists, treacherous murders and covering-up of corpses, this show is bound to keep you watching season after season. Oh, and did we mention, it’s the perfect time to finish all 6 seasons before classes start again?

4. Boston Legal

Source: Entertainment Wallpaper

Boston Legal is another award-winning show which portrays the life of lawyers filled with great intensity and drama at almost every corner. It presents that lawyers, although in a similar profession, have vast differences in terms of principles. With the addition of exciting and serious cases to be handled, Boston Legal should be a must-watch on the list. 

5. Lawless Lawyer

Source: Asian Wiki

This South-Korean plot unfolds as a former gangster who is now a lawyer, Bong Sang-pil is motivated by revenge for the murder of his mother. He teams up with his friend Ha Jae-yi to fight for justice against corrupt judge Cha Moon Sok and other powerful individuals through the law. 

6. The Practice

Source: TV Guide

Although this legal show aired in the late 1990s and early 2000s, it is one that prompts viewers to evaluate one’s legal ethics and personal morality when it comes to the legal system and legal proceedings. The legal drama revolves around the partners and associates in the firm, where different perspectives and approaches are taken in various lawsuits, allowing a variety of opinions to be shared and taken in-depth in accordance with the law. 


Source: IMDb

A legal series that showcases the charges against Marie, a teenage girl who was accused of lying about being raped. The show presents the different features that set in with criminal law while the excitement and suspense brew as two detectives try to uncover the truth of events. From the compiling of various pieces of evidence to the proving of rape in court, the show gives a view of how justice may be served in drastic times. 

8. When They See Us

Source: IMDb

Another great Netflix series which was based on a true story where five male suspects were wrongly convicted of sexual assault charges against a woman in the famous Central Park of New York City. From detailed investigations to the inspection of suspects, the show has won the Critics' Choice Television Award for Best Limited Series and touches upon the issue of racism in America.

9. The Staircase

Source: Wikipedia

A documentary on how a criminal trial is convicted in the courtroom, The Staircase presents the trial of Michael Peterson who was convicted of murdering his wife Kathleen Peterson. The documentary starts with Kathleen falling down the stairs and died, but further discovery led the prosecution to believe that her death was staged by Michael. 

10. Whisper

Source: Wikipedia

A South Korean television series which showcases a love-hate relationship between a police officer and a judge. When both of them join alliances to uncover a great scandal filled with crime and corruption in the nation’s biggest defence law firm, the show takes an unexpected twist that leaves viewers at the edge of their seat.

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