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Event Recap - Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre’s Outreach Programme

Updated: Jul 14

In a commendable initiative by Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre through their Street Law Programme, 14 law students from Taylor’s School of Law and Governance volunteered their time and expertise to educate over 40 refugee students at Living Waters Learning Centre on safety rules on the 31st of May 2024. This time around, the outreach programme aimed to instil a comprehensive understanding of safety rules among refugee students. The audience comprised students aged 9 to 18, all eager to learn and engage with the topics presented.

Living Waters Learning Centre, established in 2013 by Christian community leaders of the Zomi Chin people in Sunway Mentari, initially faced financial struggles but was adopted by Manna Church from 2015 to 2022. Now operating independently, the centre provides affordable education to all refugee students regardless of religion and nationality. The curriculum of the centre mainly focuses on English, Mathematics, and Science for Years 1 to 10. The centre currently faces challenges such as financial constraints and a shortage of volunteer teachers, but still stands today by means of minimal school fees and generous donations.

By educating the youth on essential safety measures, the programme was intended to reduce accidents and promote responsible behaviour. Taylors Legal Aid Centre’s initiative reflects its commitment to community service and youth empowerment, thereby effectively bridging the gap between legal education and practical safety knowledge.

The agenda featured several interactive workshops where law students delivered engaging presentations on a wide array of safety-related topics, namely road safety, fire safety, and beach safety precautions. A variety of teaching materials, such as PowerPoint presentations and quizzes, were employed to enhance the learning experience. Group discussions were also facilitated to ensure that students were well-equipped to apply the knowledge acquired in real-life situations.

The feedback from both the refugee students and law students was overwhelmingly positive. The students demonstrated great levels of engagement and interest by asking numerous questions and actively participating in discussions. The long-term benefits include a safer community and a generation of refugee youth who, despite their challenging backgrounds, are more aware and responsible.

"The experience was incredibly rewarding," said Sonia Arania, the Director of Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre, who is also a third-year law student. "I thoroughly enjoyed educating refugee children on such important matters, and seeing the students so engaged and eager to learn about safety rules was inspiring. It’s a reminder of the importance of giving back to the community.”

One of the refugee students, San San, 12, shared his thoughts: "It makes our school life more interesting and I appreciate that we are learning more new things. The teachers have inspired us in many ways so I am really happy and appreciative.”

Ms. Angelina, the head of the Living Waters Learning Centre, emphasised the centre's focus on the importance of education for refugee children. She explained that education is crucial for refugees' to be independent of their reliance on financial aid, which is unsustainable and economically disadvantageous for any country in the long run. She noted: “Education is a means to gaining economic self-independence and self-sufficiency. Allowing refugee children to be educated means they can and will contribute to society and various sectors of the economy.”

To further their remarkable and impactful efforts, Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre will be organising another phase of the outreach programme at the refugee learning centre on June 28th, 2024. Law students from Taylor’s University, as members of Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre, are encouraged to participate in the initiative to empower young refugee students with essential knowledge and contribute to the well-being of the community.

For more information on how to get involved or support the Living Waters Learning Centre, please contact:

● Facebook: Warrior Bride Learning Centre (Living Waters Learning Centre)

Written By: Chew Qian Ya

Edited By: Elaine Chee

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