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Discover Your Legal Journey: Exploring Taylor’s School of Law and Governance Clubs and Societies


As a first-year or existing law student, you might find yourself pondering,

"Which law society or club should I join?" 

Well, each law society or club offers different activities and events, so it's all about finding the one that aligns with your interests! Read on as we delve into what each society or club is all about, along with some highlights from their recent successful events. 

Taylor's Centre for Research in Law and Development in Asia Journal (Taylor's CRELDA)

   Are you interested in researching, writing, and publishing academic articles? If yes, you should consider joining CRELDA! CRELDA is a platform that accepts academic articles and offers publication of research, policy, and legal analysis through a strong peer-reviewed means of discussions and knowledge sharing. 

   True to its main purpose as a platform for publication of research, the main event of the year put forth by CRELDA is the 2024 Law Journal.  This is a compiled journal of research in law and development in Asia, covering a wide range of legal topics such as corporate law, human rights and liberties, medical law, and legal education. 

   Some of their exciting events are centered around legal research and writing. Recently in March 2024, they held their Taylor’s CRELDA Legal Writing Competition (TCLWC), aiming to promote scholarly writing among law students from all around Malaysia and to spur debates on legal issues in Asia. The theme was “Legal Issues within Asian Countries and is targeted at Law students from Malaysian universities.” The best part is that participants of the competition stand a chance to win monetary prizes alongside publication in the CRELDA journal and certificates of participation.

Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre (LAC)

   Are you eager to extend your learning beyond the classroom through pro-bono work? If so, Taylor’s Legal Aid Centre (LAC) could be your perfect match! LAC provides accessible pro-bono legal advice services to Taylor’s staff, students, and the public, serving as a beacon of support for those in need. Their activities range from providing pro-bono advice to hosting insightful guest talks on complex legal concepts to engaging in hands-on street law initiatives.

   Last year, the Legal Aid Department hosted a Guest Talk on Murder & Manslaughter, led by Mr. Goh Cia Yee, offering real-life examples of criminal cases he had dealt with to prepare students for their future careers. The department also hosted a get-together event in the spirit of Halloween, titled “Murder Mystery: How to get away with Murder?” to welcome the new members into LAC, while striving to help participants enhance their problem-solving skills, people skills, and teamwork skills which is reflected towards their examinations and assignments. 

   The Street Law Department, on the other hand, provides clinical legal education to make students “industry-ready” and educate the public on legal issues and rights. For instance, the department hosts “Outreach Programmes” which aim to connect with the underprivileged and enhance the individual sense of social belonging to contribute to society. Their most recent initiative, “Light A Refugee’s Dream”, in collaboration with AIESEC, focused on teaching students about Bullying and Safe Touch which are faced by the students these days daily. 

Taylor’s Law Society (TLSOC)

   Unlike other law clubs, at Taylor’s Law Society (TLSOC), you campaign and run for positions as a Board of Director. If you're keen on bridging the gap between law students and lecturers, this is the place for you! In addition to representing the student’s voices, we organise events too. Since August 2023, TLSOC has hosted three memorable events, ranging from a Valentine’s Day-themed event, roadshow collabs, to meet and greets!

  Their first event, “Hearts On Trial'', was a captivating Valentine’s Day physical-themed event held in February this year where attendees got to immerse themselves in a murder mystery case file game infused with a romantic theme! We had Mr K.A. Ramu, who’s a Criminal Defence Counsel lead discussions on the complexities of romantic and familial relationships, creating an evening of intrigue.

  Next was their physical roadshow collaboration between Taylor’s Law Society and KPUM, an external organisation held on campus in January this year to showcase KPUM, their initiatives, and diverse departments to the students of Taylor's Law School. Such events are held to cultivate positive relationships with external entities while sparking curiosity and motivating our law students to delve into other opportunities.

   Speaking of camaraderie and collaboration, TLSOC was invited by the Student Welfare Division of Multimedia University Law Society to host a Meet and Greet in late March this year, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding to strengthen bilateral relations. Additionally, TLSOC welcomed our five other law societies and clubs under the School of Law and Governance to partake in this momentous occasion. 

Taylor’s Mooting Society (TMS)

   Are you into mooting and aspiring for an advocacy or litigation journey? If you are, Taylor’s Mooting Society is your go-to! 

   Just about a month ago in the month of March, Taylor’s Mooting Society hosted their fifth edition of Taylor’s Internal Mooting Competition of 2024. The event had been primarily designed to complement and heighten students’ advocacy qualities by immersing them in practical legal debates and presenting eloquent controversies in a moot court setting. This internal competition is held in three general rounds, and then a conclusive grand final round. Participants are thus required to perform adequate legal research on the given moot problem, which happened to be a prompt relating to contract law. 

   The scouted panel of judges are all accomplished attorneys belonging to prestigious law firms, such as Thomas Phillip, Shook Lin & Bok, Ying & Partners, and so on. With these experienced professionals involved in the competition, participants are given the opportunity to receive beneficial feedback and constructive criticisms, while further expanding their knowledge and understanding of how our legal system works and operates going forth.  

   Eventually, Taylor’s Internal Mooting Competition sweetly came to a close on March 13th 2024, with multiple generous awards granted to well-performing participants. The competition has proved to be an enlightening and fulfilling experience for all participants and panels involved alike, and thus, leads to its ensuing success, with more promising events lying ahead. 

  Just a heads-up, mooting is a compulsory module, so joining mooting training sessions and competitions would be beneficial. 


Asian Law Students' Association Taylor’s University (ALSA Taylor's)

  Last but not least, the Asian Law Students’ Association Taylor's University (ALSA Taylor’s)! With their motto "Always be one," ALSA truly embodies unity. It's akin to a large family, as a Local Chapter under the umbrella of the Asian Law Students' Association Malaysia (ALSA Malaysia), encompassing 15 member countries and 2 observer countries. 

  Established in 2015, ALSA Taylor's is dedicated to fostering social networks among Asian law students and professionals, both nationally and internationally, while understanding and appreciating diversity, promoting the exchange of legal ideals, nurturing a creative mindset through joint activities, and enhancing the capabilities of their members to become globally aware, socially conscious, academically proficient, and legally adept individuals.

 In July last year, ALSA Malaysia organised a fruitful trip to Bangkok, encompassing visits to the Thai Parliament, prestigious law firms, and esteemed universities. The journey offered valuable networking and learning opportunities, immersing the students in the rich tapestry of Thai culture, legal practices, and parliamentary procedures.


  Additionally, ALSA hosted a Taylor's Legal Masterclass workshop featuring Mr. Marcus Fabian Wong, Customer Success Consultant at LexisNexis. During the event, participants gained insights and techniques for effectively and efficiently navigating LexisNexis research, tailored to meet the academic and career needs of our law students.

  In essence, each club and society within Taylor’s School of Law and Governance is unique in its little way, enriching our student experience with a diverse array of events. Together, they paint a vibrant tapestry of university life. Let's celebrate and extend heartfelt gratitude to each of these remarkable clubs and societies for their invaluable contributions to our law school community!

Written By: Lexicon's Editors

Edited By: Michelle Lee Shu Ling

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